Changing global market conditions can quickly impact your company’s performance and cause financial strain.

From the identification of the risks related to these changes to the assessment of their impact, Le Groupe Fuller Landau Inc. is able to advise you on the various measures required to avoid or remedy them depending on the specific case.

With this insightful, timely and practical advice, a company can be oriented in the right direction. Our team of advisors provides this advice while being aware of the psychological impact that a precarious financial situation may have on you, your company or your clients.


Financially troubled corporations can avoid bankruptcy, foreclosure or seizure of assets. The team at Le Groupe assists in this process by helping the company prepare a proposal or formal plan to creditors, produce reports for the courts, and provide information to the creditors regarding the claims process.


As licensed insolvency trustees, we administer bankruptcies and manage assets held in trust for the benefits of creditors. Also, we will take the lead in liquidating and selling the assets on behalf of secured creditors under receiverships. Beforehand, we will advise management and lenders as to their options and will recommend the best solution.


  • Field Examiners for Asset-Based Lenders

The field examiners at Le Groupe possess a wide range of collateral evaluation experience, together with audit experience in accounting and banking backgrounds. We understand the lender’s viewpoint and provide them with an accurate and comprehensive report that addresses credit risks that lenders face in a timely manner.

  • Collateral Evaluations

Collateral evaluations are often commissioned by banks looking to know the exact value of a company’s short-term assets (inventory and accounts receivable) needed to act as collateral for a loan. The team at FL Fuller Landau are qualified evaluators with 45 combined years of experience.

  • Viability Assessments

FL Fuller Landau’s team will use viability assessments to assist lenders in making loan decisions. Using the current lending policies for specific borrowers, our team will do a thorough review of a company’s receivables, inventory and cash flow projections to assist both the borrower and lender address their specific needs.


Knowing where you are at today and determining where you should be tomorrow are vital to the long-term success of any organization’s existence and maximize its value. All businesses should have an exit strategy, be it selling to family or a 3rd party, a management buy-out, or even wind-up and dissolution. Each of these exit strategies may require a different approach, and each will surely have a different effect on the family unit – financially or otherwise.


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Standard creditor claim forms are also available.

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Proof of Claim
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