COVID-19 | Help For Restaurant Owners

On February 1, 2022, the Minister of Economy and Innovation and Minister responsible for Regional Economic Development, Mr. Pierre Fitzgibbon, confirmed that restaurateurs will continue to be eligible for the AERAM program, notably through a loan forgiveness under the PAUPME.

Family Business Governance 101

Family business governance is the formalization of your family business. You may want to add or update certain components, such as the advisory board, the family council and family business constitution, to the governance your family business.

Estate Freeze as an Estate Planning Tool

An estate freeze is one of the more common estate planning tax strategies. When an individual shareholder holds shares of a private corporation, a ‘freeze” can be used to lock in the current value of the individual’s estate, which ultimately defers tax when the shares of the company pass to the next generation.

Employers, It’s Time to Review Your Payroll

As we approach the end of another calendar year, businesses must be prepared to analyze the payroll information that has been recorded to date in their system and determine its accuracy. What does this mean for you?

Estates and Trusts: Making it Easier for Your Succession

We often think about our legacy and what we will leave our loved ones when we are gone, but we don’t often consider who will pick up the pieces or the work that will be involved. There are several things that can be done in order to simplify the process for those tasked with managing your estate.

Pay Attention When Paying Your Taxes Online Through Your Bank

Over the last few months many of us have had to change the way we do things as a side effect of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Included in these changes is the way we pay our income taxes: as many of us have switched to online payments instead or writing cheques or going to the […]

Investment Real Estate: transferring real estate to a corporation

Real estate owners often ask themselves if they should own investment real estate personally or through a corporation. There are certain tax consequences and factors to consider in transferring real estate to a corporation. Do you know which? Holding real estate property personally or in a corporation? Deciding to hold a real property in a […]