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Shareholder Loans Tips and Traps

One principle of our tax system is that a shareholder cannot take out money from their corporation without tax consequences.  Three common ways a shareholder withdraws money from a corporation are:  Salaries Dividends Loans The first two methods are taxable in the hands of the shareholder in the year received. It stands to reason that […]

Family Business Governance 101

Family business governance is the formalization of your family business. You may want to add or update certain components, such as the advisory board, the family council and family business constitution, to the governance your family business.

High-Flying Real Estate Market Catches Heirs Unprepared to Sell

The real estate market continues to amaze – record prices per square foot and a flurry of activity have Montreal in a continued selling frenzy. For families that have held real estate for decades, through 2 and 3 (or more) generations, this activity has them seeing dollar signs like never before. Older buildings with marginal […]

Ready to Sell Your Business? Think Again…

Many first-time entrepreneurs find themselves overwhelmed and under water – not financially, but emotionally – when it comes to selling their business. What should be a fruitful and exciting process, and completion of life-long work, often turns into an emotional mess.

What to Consider When Receiving an Unsolicited Offer for Your Enterprise

Out of the blue, you are presented with an irresistible offer for your company. You hadn’t considered selling your prosperous business, until now, and you feel that you’re faced with two options: welcome the prospective buyer’s offer or walk away. What’s a business owner to do?

4 Considerations to Help Choosing Your Accounting Software

man at computer

As an entrepreneur, you want to maximize the time spent on growing your business, and either let someone else take care of the all the pesky tasks related to daily operations or at least, minimize the time you spend on them. There is a plethora of accounting solutions for you to choose from – here are 4 important considerations you should keep in mind, before making your final selection.

Family (Business) Matters

A family business or a family owned business may be defined as any business in which two or more family members are involved and the majority of ownership or control lies within a family (source: 80% of all Canadian businesses are family-owned. But did you know that family businesses financially outperform non-family businesses?  One […]