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The Value of a Family Office

Family office takes on many sizes and shapes depending on the needs and desires of an individual or their family. From consulting on financial matters, investments, insurance, marriage, death and divorce issues, there is a family office model to suit your needs.

11 Situations When a Will Would be Handy

We have now reached the second decade of the twenty first century. In the last few years, we have seen many changes to the traditional family structure. Common law couples, same-sex couples, blended families and other options are much more common. Although Quebec law dictates how certain assets such as the family home must be […]

Wills & Graduated Rate Estates

Effective January 1, 2016, substantial changes will be made to the tax treatment for Estates and Trusts. Currently, a trust created under a will (a “testamentary trust”) is eligible for the same graduated rates of tax as are individual persons. An election is available to tax income in a trust to take advantage of those […]