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Build efficient tax strategies tailored to optimize organizational effectiveness.

Have peace of mind that your compliance needs are being met with due care. 

Focus on building your business while we assist with the administrative details.

Industry-tested financial professionals serving all your corporate financial needs.

Manage negatively changing market conditions to alleviate financial and emotional pain.

Why pay a full salary for part-time needs? Outsourced Financial Consulting is the solution.

Implement best practices to nurture your people, your culture AND be compliant.

Some of Our Niches

Navigate through the complexities of your family business with a peace of mind. 

Limit your financial responsibility while optimizing your after-tax dollars. 

Preserve and grow what you have built for you and your family.  

Leverage your NPO’s limited resources to increase your offering’s effectiveness.

Navigate the Canadian non-resident real estate tax landscape with confidence.

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The real estate market continues to amaze – record prices per square foot and a flurry of activity have Montreal in a continued selling frenzy. For families that have held real estate for decades, through 2 and 3 (or more) generations, this activity has them seeing dollar signs like never before, but many are caught in a circle that requires them to spend cash on older buildings to make cash.

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