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Cloud Based Accounting Systems – Should Your Business Make the Leap?

Gone are the days when general ledgers consisted of huge paper spreadsheets that required manual updates and calculations leaving room for multiple errors.  The storage and probability of loss of the physical documents also posed a large risk. Along came the desktop era that helped shape and automate the accounting process, but this came with […]

The Value of a Family Office

Family office takes on many sizes and shapes depending on the needs and desires of an individual or their family. From consulting on financial matters, investments, insurance, marriage, death and divorce issues, there is a family office model to suit your needs.

New Measure to Cool Real Estate Market

In the 2021 federal budget, the Minister of Finance announced a new tax law will be coming in effect on January 1, 2022, regarding vacant residential properties owned by foreigners.

How to Select the Right Bookkeeper for Your Business

Whether part-time or full-time, the right bookkeeper can help you run your business more efficiently and may even help you grow and become more profitable. How do you choose the right bookkeeper? Following are some tips: KNOW YOUR NEEDS AND HIRE ACCORDINGLY The candidate’s knowledge base should be at the level you need. If too […]

The Importance of Cash Flow Forecasting Resonates with Business Owners

Many business owners have found that forecasting cash flow has helped them anticipate potential shortfalls and plan accordingly to cover difficult periods. Cash flow forecasting, even in unusual times, offers your business several advantages. It enables you to avoid making rash decisions and protects your business over the long run. You can make informed business […]

Is Tax Filing and Compliance Weighing Down Your Real Estate Business?

As a real estate agent, your primary focus should be on your clients’ needs. Often, administrative burdens quickly pile up and sway you away from what you are strongest in… closing deals. To help you do that, here are some helpful tips that successful real estate agents apply in their day-to-day business operations for tax […]

How to Choose a Payroll Provider

Once you make the decision to outsource your payroll processing to a provider, the following are some of the points to consider before signing up for a long-term contract.

7 Steps to a Cashflow Forecast

Over the last several months many of us have received government aid, whether directly through CERB payments, forgivable loans, wage subsidies, rent subsidies and other payments. Are these payments taxable, and if so, how?