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Real Estate Tax for Non-Residents

Navigate the Canadian non-resident real estate tax landscape with confidence.

Tax Planning

Whether you are an individual looking to buy property in our beautiful province, a real estate broker or a notary trying to help your client in a real estate transaction, navigating the Canadian tax system can be difficult, and have serious consequences on any investment property returns, once all is said and done.

Do you know the actual tax implications of a rental property? Whether the ultimate intention is to rent out, or own to sell with a profit, it is imperative to conduct some due diligence and /or take the right steps BEFORE signing on the dotted line… We work directly with clients, in collaboration with real estate brokers and notaries who refer non-resident property owners to us, to avoid making the wrong decision before it is too late to revert them, once the purchase or sale is concluded.

The goal of all our tax planning services is to minimize the tax burden and reduce financial risk to owners of short-term rental properties. We accomplish this by going above and beyond what a technician could accomplish – each client’s unique financial picture, needs and history is taken into account and used to develop their personalized tax strategy.

Government Reporting and Filings

It is no secret that navigating through two levels of governments – especially for a foreigner – can be tricky. Our team can help with all types of government reporting related to rental properties owned by Canadian residents, and non-residents alike.

Rental Properties Management

Out-of-town owners can count on the following administrative and management services:

Referrals And Training For Professionals

Real Estate Brokers

Our consultants and ambassadors (retired FL Fuller Landau partners) provide a valuable sense of experience and wisdom that have been a proven asset in estate administration, estate management and family dynamics relationship management.


We currently work in close collaboration with more than 50 notaries who put their trust – and their client affairs – in our hands.

Our Experience With A Variety Of Properties

For over 30 years, we have accompanied clients, real estate brokers and notaries with:

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