2019/05/06 – MIEL MTL

2019/05/06 – MIEL MTL Saving the bee population was the original intention before this entrepreneur realized this could also be a socially responsible business. Nick Melka of MIEL MTL will share how he manages 100+ hives, his philosophy of community giveback and the decision to move away from online sales.  

2019/04/15 – Reflector

2019/04/15 – Reflector In this shifting entertainment industry, this business is one of the disruptors. Alexandre Amancio of Reflector will share with us his views on the opportunities in this sector, the benefits of creating a Board of advisors, and the creation and need of a culture that fosters candor.  

2019/03/18 – Lianas Services

2019/03/18 – Lianas Services An aging population results in the need for more seniors’ services, especially when transitioning from your long-time residence. Matt Del Vecchio of Lianas Services shares with us his jump into this industry, how they adapted to meet the increasing needs of clients, and their marketing direction as he went from B2B…