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Build efficient tax strategies tailored to optimize organizational effectiveness.

Far More Than Tax Preparers

Tax plays such a pivotal role in all aspects of your business and personal life. Not ensuring a tailored strategy to ALL facets – personal, corporate and even international taxation– can be a costly strategic oversight.

Whether it is estate planning to minimize taxes after death, advice on how to establish a new business in Canada (or abroad), trying to preserve your accumulated wealth through a family trust, immigrating or emigrating, buying property in Canada or abroad, or simply understanding the consequences of GST and QST legislation on a particular transaction, you will need a blend of extensive experience and technical expertise to identify the right path for you.

We’re not only here to fill out tax return forms. Every stage of the growth of an enterprise, and ultimately planning for the succession of management/ownership in transitioning to retirement or for the sale of a business requires tax efficient strategies and tactics.

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During the stressful period of a government audit, you will need to organize your documents in preparation for the audit, and then clearly explain your business and structure in order to help the government auditors to efficiently review your files. The right trusted advisor will help you reduce anxiety and increase understanding of all parties involved.


Filing income tax returns for corporations, their owners and self-employed individuals can be more complex than for the average person. You need to determine the most appropriate tax strategies for your corporate and personal tax situation, review possible deductions that may be taken advantage of, and how to maximize tax credits where applicable. Why leave money on the table?

Undertaking a corporate reorganization – be it for business growth, succession planning, shareholder agreements, retirement planning, creditor proofing, mergers and acquisitions, or share capital restructuring – requires careful attention to details, a clear understanding of the corporation’s and shareholders’ needs, and in-depth knowledge of federal and provincial tax laws and regulations. Do you have an effective corporate and personal tax plan to help you, as a business owner, achieve tax optimization?


Whether building the tax structure of a new domestic business entity, thinking of acquiring or selling one, or reviewing your tax files to ensure compliance, by now you know that while the devil is in the details, those details can lead to costly mistakes. 

Do your goals include asset protection, growth and transition of your family wealth?  Trusts are effective tax planning vehicles to achieve these objectives, and wills are also critical in ensuring optimal results.  Whether your dreams include charitable giving strategies or a corporate reorganization to transfer future business growth to the next generation, you need the tools to make the right decisions. View our Estates & Trusts page.


Tax laws regulating non-resident property sales and reporting of rental income are not easy to navigate, as you have a unique financial picture, needs, and history to consider. To ensure a smooth process, it is best to prepare BEFORE the purchase transaction of a Canadian property, whether you plan to move in, rent it to a family member or to a third-party. Review our non-resident real estate experience.

The Goods and Services Tax (GST), Provincial Sales Tax (PST), Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), Value-Added Tax (VAT) (outside of Canada) and other indirect taxes can add significant cost AND liability to your business.  Appropriate tax planning discussions for compliance purposes, no matter what the jurisdiction, are key.

Whether you need to address significant international /cross-border issues or prepare your Canadian, US or other foreign reporting requirements, our tax specialists are able to guide you every step of the way.

For more information on our Cross-Border (U.S.) Personal Income Tax Services, please click here.

As a business owner looking to expand in the US or elsewhere, do you need help structuring your organization in a manner that optimizes both your domestic and international tax burden?  Are you thinking of acquiring and/or financing an international operation?  Do you know how to structure intangible property (IP) migration?  Are you familiar with profit repatriation and reinvestment?

Whether you want to establish a new entity in Canada or abroad, you need to know how to navigate the complex compliance requirements related to each specific tax jurisdiction.

In addition to our solid tax planning and compliance service teams, our clients can also rely on our global network, the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA), to support them around the world. Read about our global network.

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