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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Focus on building your business while we assist with the administrative details.

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Regular daily operations such as accounting & bookkeeping can overwhelm owners and divert their energy from growing their business and from focusing on their expertise.

If a company cannot count on in-house accounting capabilities, or perhaps have peak seasons that require additional resources, our tailored services are a viable option. Our range of accounting and bookkeeping services can be performed on location or remotely.

Our professionals are available to work on or off site and can take charge of the full range of bookkeeping, including but not limited to invoicing, financial record keeping, month and year-end closings, bill payments, and more. We can even help our clients choose and implement accounting software, as well as provide related training.
We produce financial statements and prepare personal, corporate and trust tax returns.
In conjunction with bookkeeping, we can handle your monthly, quarterly or yearly sales tax calculations and remittances.

We offer various payroll services such as gross and net pay calculations, preparation of records of employment, and coordination and set up of payroll with a third-party payroll provider. We can also file your deductions at source remittances, as well as prepare T4s, RL1s, related summaries and CNESST filings.

In summary, you can focus on your business with peace of mind, and we make sure everything is done according to the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec’s compliance laws and requirements.

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Small and medium-sized entities which include some of the following :

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