The FL Fuller Landau team has always been aligned with owner-managed small businesses. Throughout the years, we have come to learn that the day to day operations sometimes overwhelm an owner and divert their energy from growing their business.

At FL Fuller Landau, we want entrepreneurs to focus on their businesses and let us worry about the administrative details. Our services are a viable option for those businesses that do not employ a full-time accounting employee, or perhaps have peak seasons that require additional resources. Our range of small business services can be performed on location or remotely.



Our professionals are available to work on or off site and can take charge of invoicing, financial record keeping, month and year-end closings, bill payments, assistance with cash flows and more. We can even help our clients choose and implement their accounting software, as well as train them on its use.

In conjunction with our bookkeeping services, our team can save owners hours of work by handling their monthly, quarterly or yearly GST/QST calculations and remittances. We also offer various payroll services such as gross and net pay calculations, deductions at source remittances, preparation of records of employment and all types of annual tax slips.

Our team is able to produce Notice to Reader financial statements as well as Review Engagement financial statements. Our team also prepares personal, corporate and trust tax returns. Our goal is the same as yours – minimizing taxes.

Real Estate Management

The goal of all our tax planning services is to minimize the tax burden and reduce financial risk to owners of short-term rental properties. We accomplish this by going above and beyond what a technician could accomplish – each client’s unique financial picture, needs and history are taken into account and used to develop their personalized tax strategy.

Our team can help with all types of government reporting related to rental properties owned by Canadian residents, and non-residents alike. This can include GST/QST returns, income tax returns, and any types of tax slips required. We will make sure that all registrations and reports are done properly, thereby saving time, money and frustration

Out of town owners count on our administrative and management services for their properties. Our team can take care of bill payments, income tracking, and can prepare monthly, quarterly or annual summaries of a property’s finances. When our team is involved at this level, we can ensure that all our clients’ tax deductions and credits have been applied.

Wealth Management

FL Fuller Landau’s wealth management advisors can review your investment strategies and financial needs. We can act as a second set of eyes, work along with your investment managers, monitor results, and make recommendations to help you reach your financial goals.

Our clients are often people who suddenly find themselves responsible for managing their own finances, but have never had to do so before. Our team will take the time to work with our clients in analyzing their lifestyles, income and expenses, creating realistic budgets, and helping them to manage their money.

The purpose of the Family Office is to help families manage their financial affairs, and to assist with their financial and administrative needs. This can include bill payment, mail pick-up or mail forwarding while the client is away, household budgeting, managing household staff, reviewing insurance needs, portfolio oversight, succession planning and more.

When settling an estate, matters of tax and finances play an important role. We work with families and businesses who wish to protect their assets, minimize their taxes, and transfer wealth to beneficiaries as intended.



The Team

  • Bilingual Team Members

    12 bilingual team members.

  • Team Designations

    Team designations include CPA, CA and CPA, CGA

  • Real Estate Specialist

    1 full time specialist for non-resident owned real estate.

The Clients

  • Accounting


    • Operating Companies
    • Real Estate Companies
    • Investment & Holding Companies
    • Start-Ups

    Estates & Trusts

    Unincorporated Businesses:

    • Individuals / Sole Proprietorships
    • Co-Ownerships
    • Joint Ventures
    • Partnerships

    Not-for-profit Organizations

  • Real Estate Management


    • Rental and investment properties located in Montreal, Mont-Tremblant region and the rest of Canada
    • Non-resident owners (U.S., U.K. and from around the world) of Canadian real estate
    • Canadian resident owners of Canadian real estate

  • Wealth Management
    • Business Owners
    • Families
    • Individuals
    • Retirees


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