Is Your Enterprise Resource Planning Solution in Need of a Checkup?

In a perfect world, your enterprise resource planning (ERP) business process software system can help your companies deftly manage your operations, reporting, human resource, manufacturing and supply chain activities. However, as the needs of your business change, it may be time to take a hard look at your ERP solution to determine whether it is […]

Help Is On The Way for Hospitality & Tourism and Other Industries

On October 21st, 2021, the Federal Government announced new programs to support the Hospitality & Tourism industry as well as other hard-hit organizations during the COVID pandemic. Here is what we know so far :  INTRODUCTION OF THE TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY RECOVERY PROGRAM (THRP) Targeted organizations Organizations in selected sectors of the hospitality & tourism […]

Analyzing a Target’s Customer Base: A Vital Step in the Due Diligence Process – Part 1

Revenue and value are of paramount importance to successful business owners, as well as potential acquirers of companies. However, without a strong customer base, target companies would be incapable of generating revenue or driving value as desired. Fortunately, by analyzing the target’s customer base, potential buyers can account for post-transaction risks or customer exposure in […]

The Importance of Cash Flow Forecasting Resonates with Business Owners

Many business owners have found that forecasting cash flow has helped them anticipate potential shortfalls and plan accordingly to cover difficult periods. Cash flow forecasting, even in unusual times, offers your business several advantages. It enables you to avoid making rash decisions and protects your business over the long run. You can make informed business […]

What to Consider When Receiving an Unsolicited Offer for Your Enterprise

Out of the blue, you are presented with an irresistible offer for your company. You hadn’t considered selling your prosperous business, until now, and you feel that you’re faced with two options: welcome the prospective buyer’s offer or walk away. What’s a business owner to do?

When to Call a Virtual Financial Consultant (VFCO) to the Rescue

Outsourced virtual financial consulting services consist in a la carte financial services, provided by a senior financial professional, who has gained the knowledge and the experience to diagnose pain points and provide solutions to various scenarios, common to small and mid-size businesses.

7 Steps to a Cashflow Forecast

Over the last several months many of us have received government aid, whether directly through CERB payments, forgivable loans, wage subsidies, rent subsidies and other payments. Are these payments taxable, and if so, how?