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Family Business Governance 101

Family business governance is the formalization of your family business. You may want to add or update certain components, such as the advisory board, the family council and family business constitution, to the governance your family business.

The Value of a Family Office

Family office takes on many sizes and shapes depending on the needs and desires of an individual or their family. From consulting on financial matters, investments, insurance, marriage, death and divorce issues, there is a family office model to suit your needs.

High-Flying Real Estate Market Catches Heirs Unprepared to Sell

The real estate market continues to amaze – record prices per square foot and a flurry of activity have Montreal in a continued selling frenzy. For families that have held real estate for decades, through 2 and 3 (or more) generations, this activity has them seeing dollar signs like never before. Older buildings with marginal […]

Learning and Adapting: For a Seamless Workplace Reintegration in the Fall

The past fifteen months have been a learning experience for us all.  A true test of resilience, patience, leadership, emotional intelligence and in running a business in extreme circumstances without a playbook, roadmap or any sort of historical reference. ANY of the latter would have helped us wade through the quagmire that has been COVID-19 […]

Ready to Sell Your Business? Think Again…

Many first-time entrepreneurs find themselves overwhelmed and under water – not financially, but emotionally – when it comes to selling their business. What should be a fruitful and exciting process, and completion of life-long work, often turns into an emotional mess.