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Why pay a full salary for part-time needs? Outsourced Financial Consulting is the solution.

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Virtual financial consultants respond to varying financial management needs. Their goal is to provide business owners with the knowledge required to execute sound strategic business decisions. From budgeting and forecasting to cashflow management and everything in between, they provide senior level advice and oversight WITHOUT the cost of a full-time hire.

Guiding you to compile a realistic income statement and balance sheet, projected into the future, based on a revenue trend line and expenses, commensurate to an expense to revenue proportion calculation.

Helping you reach an achievable financial destination, including current trends and expectations.


Assisting your business in figuring out how and where you want to grow with an executable plan.
Assisting with special projects and initiatives that your current CFO does not have the bandwidth for and needs outside expertise.
Monitoring, analyzing and forecasting your businesses cash needs to ensure the financial resources are on hand to meet future requirements and allow your business to capitalize on opportunities as they arise.
Dealing (with you and for you) with banks and finance providers to ensure the best facilities and terms to properly serve your business and its changing needs.

Working with your organization to evaluate your current accounting system. Helping you determine if your current accounting software meets your needs or whether it needs to be upgraded, changed, or perhaps simply configured to better meet your company’s changing landscape.


Helping you decide how to best allocate your resources to keep costs as low as possible and benefits as high as possible. On a company-wide basis or on a product/service line basis, helping you determine where to focus your efforts and resources to maximize returns.


Identifying any potential pitfalls ahead of time, analyzing them and taking pre-emptive measures to mitigate the risk to your company.


Determining what critical financial information is needed to run your business and to make timely decisions. We will help with setting up the systems that will reliably generate relevant information that suits your business needs.


A strategic plan for your business gives you the power to focus your efforts, target your investment and align your team to forge ahead. Whatever your business may be, and whatever your goals are, your team must row in sync with team members having thorough knowledge of company priorities.


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