Uros Milekic, CPA

Partner, Assurance


Uros Milekic, CPA, CA began his career at FL Fuller Landau in 2008; amidst the financial crisis that shook economic activity and lead to uncertainty in markets across the globe. This particularly formative experience permits him today to have the knowledge necessary to guide his clients on proper corporate governance and risk management.

Passionate about everything that he sets his focus on, Uros takes great pride in assisting his clients with their needs, whatever that may be. The individualized care that he provides to each and every one of them, his attention to detail and professionalism are some of the qualities that lend to the many facets of Uros’ early success.

Uros adopted the motto of one of his first clients that “quality generates quantity”. Uros’ hard work ethic transpires into the high quality service that he delivers with every professional encounter. He does not consider the size of your business today important – what is important is where you want to take it. Combined with his experience and dedication, he has assisted his clients with strategic business decisions including mergers and acquisitions, international expansion, growth management, to name a few. He also carries with him extensive experience in dealing with not-for-profit organizations, such as registered charities, student associations, hospitals and daycare centers.

From his own words “let me help energize your business and ensure that everything is in good order while you concentrate on what you were passionate about from day one”.

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