Gradual elimination of the additional contribution for childcare over four years starting in 2019. Families with income below $78,320 will no longer pay the additional contribution and those over that threshold will pay a lower contribution not exceeding $13.20 a day.

To encourage small and medium-sized businesses to retain workers aged 60 years and older, the budget proposes a refund of payroll taxes equal to 50% of the payroll taxes for workers aged 60-64 to a maximum of $1,250 and 75% for workers aged 65 and older to a maximum of $1,875.

For workers aged 60-64, the tax credit ceiling on excess work income will now apply to $10,000 of work income starting in 2019.

The capital investment threshold for the tax holiday for large investment projects in designated regions is reduced from $75M to $50M. Eligible large investment projects benefit from a 15-year tax holiday on income and on the Health Services Fund.

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