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Michael D. Newton, CPA, FCA

Managing Partner


Over 30 years at FL Fuller Landau taught Michael many things – most importantly that passion & execution are the keys to success in any business. Michael’s philosophy centers on passion and execution; “without passion, there is no drive, no desire and no infectious motivation for your team. Without execution, you don’t just stand still, you actually regress and as J.D. Rockefeller said “strategy without execution is hallucination”.

As an avid thoroughbred horse-racing fan, owner and enthusiast, Michael’s need for adrenaline and competition surrounds him even in his outside interests. Accounting firms are notoriously slow and cumbersome, and Michael, a fixture at FL Fuller Landau LLP since starting as a summer student in 1989, believes that an on-going influx of youth and dynamism is essential for the long-term viability of the firm and the profession.

“A young, dynamic and aggressive team, along with the wisdom and support from our consulting partners has given us and, in turn, our clients, the best of both worlds,” he remarks. “Our internal harmony, combined with an ongoing mandate to constantly upgrade talent, provides for a complete team that serves our existing clients, and those to come, in a way few mid-sized firms can boast.”

Michael believes the future of any firm is finding team members who will grow into young professionals and eventually lead the firm and the profession into a new era. “The accounting firm model is evolving. Multi-disciplinary firms, cross-selling and continued team work among professionals must be combined with integrity and constant scrutiny from the world outside of the accounting borders. This has been and will remain our focus, and is embedded in our core values, which we call the V-8. “

Michael personifies this model – having penned the V-8, he lives and breathes these values.

He got into the business because, as he explains, “it’s always better to pursue a passion than be forced into something you have no interest in. I was interested in owner/managed entrepreneurial businesses, whether running my own or offering consulting services to others. I’m interested in helping our clients grow and succeed – whatever that may take.”

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