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Finance and Administration

Joanne D’Arsigny joined FL Fuller Landau in 1983 and has been pivotal in building the firm’s success for over 26 years. During the many growth phases and difficult times, she remains relentlessly positive, proactive, and dedicated. Joanne facilitates and filters the flow of financial and administrative operations of the firm, proving to be an integral resource to both partners and team members.

FL Fuller Landau clearly showed it was thinking “outside the box” when it made a non-client service member of the firm Partner – Finance and Administration. Michael Newton, Managing Partner, explains: “The firm’s revenue has grown by more than 60 per cent in the past five years and Joanne D’Arsigny has met the challenges of cash management during such a growth phase and is a major reason why FL now enjoys a sound cash flow situation. Her contribution has been immeasurable in the financial and operational success of a growing firm.”

Always looking for improvements, highly-respected with an exemplary take-charge attitude, it is clear Joanne not only encourages the team to reach but often surpass their goals. At all times available to assist and leading by example, her work ethic serves as a role model for all at the firm.

“My job has always been exciting and challenging. Different situations and circumstances are constantly emerging that need to be addressed. My hard work and motivation keep me challenged and able to maintain a great work-life balance. The personal connections I’ve made here make it a pleasure to come to work every day. At FL Fuller Landau we are a close knit group and we are small enough to feel like a family. Becoming a partner in 2009 has made me happy to be a part of The FL Fuller Landau Family, a firm with a solid reputation for over 50 years.”