Practicing under the oversight of a professional order, you devote yourself to your clients/patients, often ensuring that their well-being supersedes that of your own family – not from a lack of skill or knowledge to do so, but rather a lack of time and attention to your own financial matters.
A commitment to serving others often leaves you in need of someone to serve you and your business. As a hard-working professional, you likely have three main things in mind (other than your patients’ or clients’ best interest, of course): limiting your financial liability, increasing the value of your business, and optimizing your after-tax dollars and those of your family.
The backbone of your operations should be set up efficiently, being reviewed regularly as you grow and/or your needs change. You need to make the best decisions for your business, your employees, your clients and your family. Whether you are toying with incorporating, have HR-related questions or issues, or need training or consulting on financial management and business strategy, we’re here to help!


Since 1963, FL Fuller Landau has developed a roster of loyal professional clients who trust us with all their financial matters, or ask for help on that of their clients:
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Lawyers
  • Notaries
  • Other CPAs (for quality and peer review)
  • Real estate brokers
  • Etc.


  • Preparation of financial statements and corporate tax returns (Federal and provincial)
  • Personal tax returns
  • Government reporting and filing (GST / QST Returns, etc.)
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax planning and tax deferral opportunities
  • Wills and estate planning
  • Business advice
  • Legal liability and risk management
  • Administrative aspects of running a business
  • Creating strategy to reach your long-term goals


Incorporating your business may be a good opportunity to revisit your financial objectives and help minimize some risk, but it requires analysis by professionals who have a deeper understanding of the various financial aspects of your professional AND personal situation. Incorporation is a crucial decision for your future, including your retirement, and eventually your succession, if that is your goal. Taking the wrong turn or ignoring certain facts before incorporating can have an important impact on the rest of your career, and beyond, and certain decisions cannot be reversed…

If you need a hand in developing HR policies and tools, compensation and benefits packages or occupational safety, health and wellness advice for your practice, visit our sister company Pvisio to get support on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis.   

  • Small practice accountants: Use our Assurance department as a sounding board to review more complex assurance files, prepare for OCPAQ peer reviews and quality control consultation. 
  • Real estate agencies:  Add value to your client pre-transaction conversations with OAICQ-accredited broker training around non-resident property ownership and disposal, including tax implications. 




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