The Tax Services Group at FL Fuller Landau believes in seeing the big picture. The FL Fuller Landau tax team takes the time to assess the client’s circumstances and tailor a planning strategy which is customized to meet that client’s goals. This personal service is the hallmark of our professional philosophy.


Undertaking a corporate reorganization, be it for business growth, succession planning, shareholder agreements, retirement planning, creditor proofing, mergers and acquisitions, or share capital restructuring, requires careful attention to details, a clear understanding of the corporation’s and shareholders’ needs, and in-depth knowledge of tax laws and regulations in various jurisdictions. Our service group helps business owners achieve tax optimization through the development of an effective corporate and personal tax plan.

Our goal is financial management, protection, growth and transition of family wealth. We assist and guide individuals in making decisions about their accumulated wealth, how to strategically protect it, and even transfer it to the next generation. Trusts are effective tax planning tools used to achieve this objective in addition to charitable giving strategies or even a corporate reorganization to transfer future business growth to the next generation.

Filing personal income tax returns for business owners and self-employed individuals can be more complex than for the average person. Our team works with the client to determine the most appropriate tax strategies for their corporate and personal tax situation. We review the possible deductions that may be taken advantage of, and how to maximize tax credits where applicable.

Our team identifies opportunities that allow our clients to maximize their research and development tax credits that can, in turn be refunded and applied against corporate income taxes or provide needed financial capital. Our team will manage the entire SR&ED claim process for your company, starting with an assessment.

As active members of the LEA, we are able to provide both inbound and outbound tax consulting for international businesses. Through this association, FL Fuller Landau is able to assist businesses looking to expand across borders to structure their organization in a manner that minimizes both their domestic and international tax burden.

Immigrating or emigrating to and from Canada creates extensive complexities and potential tax ramifications. As well, owning property in a foreign jurisdiction has tax implications that most do not think of when purchasing a residential or commercial property in another country. Our cross-border practitioners not only consult in these areas, but assist in the annual filings of Canadian and US personal income tax returns, where applicable

The real estate tax services group assists non-resident buyers in complying with the tax laws regulating non-resident property purchases. Each client’s unique financial picture, needs, and history are taken into account and used to develop a personalized real estate tax strategy.

International entities need to make decisions regarding the price of goods sold within the corporate group. Our service group assists our clients in the preparation and documentation of transfer pricing methodology to comply with national requirements, and we provide support in dispute resolution.

Regardless of their industry, our tax services group ensures that our clients are complying with federal and provincial sales tax laws. We offer support, guidance and assist in sales tax recovery plans for both for-profit and not-for-profit entities.

During the stressful period of a government audit, we offer support, guidance and representation for our clients. Our team assists clients in organizing their files in preparation for the audit, and then assists the auditors in understanding the client’s business and its processes. The objective of our role always being to reduce anxiety and increase understanding of all parties involved.



The Team

  • Tax Service Specialists

    3 partners and 5 specialists covering a full range of knowledge to assist our clients.

  • Largest Service Area

    Is 2nd largest department after assurance, but clients appreciate this area more.

  • Experts on Tax Issues

    Often called upon by major Montreal media to act as experts on tax issues.

The Clients

  • International Clientele

    Our client base is made up of our firm’s clients as well as a selected clientele of our international affiliate, the LEA; we offer seamless services for international clients doing business in Canada.

  • Growth Assistance

    We assist in the growth of our clientele; the small client of today is the big client of tomorrow.

  • Business Transition

    With so many businesses changing hands for a variety of reasons, we guide the entrepreneur through the most effective and tax efficient processes



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