For Immediate Release: Today’s Entrepreneur turns 10 with 200 episodes of community giveback!

Today’s Entrepreneur Radio turns 10 with a 3 tier celebration & 200 episodes of community service for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs! For Immediate Release Montreal, October 22nd, 2018 Today’s Entrepreneur Est. 2009 – Reaching its 200th episode highlighting inspiring Quebec business-owners on Montreal airwaves in partnership with CJAD radio, October 22nd marks a decade of sharing inspiring…

2018/05/28 – Arbraska

2018/05/28 – Arbraska While tree top trekking is a lot of fun, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of this outdoor adventure business. Stephane will share with us the importance of maintaining company culture across different locations as they expanded outside of Quebec and the challenges behind managing cash flow in a period of strong growth.

2018/05/14 – Tuck Shop

Owning and operating a restaurant is certainly a labour of love, and labour is clearly one of the most challenging aspects. Since adding a catering business to their restaurant operation, Amelia and Jonathan will share the human resource lessons they learned including when to fire someone, the power of delegation, and the why’s of bringing on a new partner.

2018/05/07 – Plank Design

In this digital design and marketing space, it’s easy to take on any type of client, but here, Plank followed their passion and service a specific industry sector. Warren and Steve will expand on this, share their criteria for accepting a new customer, and talk about some aspects when bringing in a new partner.

2018/04/09 – Pronexia

In the uber competitive space of headhunting and recruiting, an agency must follow a different path to enhance their client experience. Moranne and Marina will share with us how Pronexia tries to gain its edge, and it has everything to do with company culture. And once on the topic, we will also explore the link between culture and recruiting talent.