2019/01: Tax Information for 2019

Here are the deductions at source rates for 2019 and 2018 for Employment Insurance, Quebec Parental Insurance Plan, Quebec Pension Plan (QPP), Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Quebec Health Services Fund and Commission des normes du travail. These rates will help the user plan more efficiently for the current taxation year and help to prepare T4 and Relevé 1 slips for 2018.

2018/11/19 – SmoothiesGo

After moving on from their respective family businesses and enduring a life altering experience, this married entrepreneurial couple was motivated to start something new. Andrea Chamandy and Andrew Battah of SmoothiesGo will share how important it became to balance family and business, and their marketing philosophy involving the use of influencers and strategic partners.

2018/11/13 – Baléco

This experienced multimedia storyteller has had many jobs starting at the lowest of levels, by choice. Justin Kingsley imparts how his philosophy of being the best at the jobs nobody else wanted fueled his success, shares the single event that pushed him to start his own business, and how he constantly strives for what he calls the triple bottom line win.